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The Ultimate Starter Solar System: Become a Changer!

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In this post we will be discussing a tiny “backup system,” meant only for charging mobile devices, such your smart phone or Kindle. Usually, at My Solar Backup Depot, our focus is on solar backup systems capable of powering any appliance up to 1800 watts, but today, I’d like to highlight a new system coming out of Berlin, Germany: Introducing the “Kalhuohfummi” and “Maroshi” from Changers.

The unusual names come from 16th century history in the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Kalhuohfummi was the name of a war ship built to help the Maldivian people defend their island nation against the Portuguese. Maroshi is the name of the island where the sail for that ship was manufactured, and where the vessel was also filled with fresh water for the soldiers. In the system we’re discussing today, however, Maroshi and Kalhuohfummi refer to components of the starter kit: the Maroshi solar panel and Kalhuohfummi battery. What is particularly interesting about Changers, however, is the online community built around the solar charging system. Below, Changers talks about their unique online community:

It’s here that you can share your successes with others, compete with friends with your CO2 savings and energy production, and unlock rewards based on your contributions. Being a part of our community unlocks benefits and advantages that go beyond free solar power.

To “share your successes,” you actually upload energy production data to the Changers database from your Kalhuohfummi device. The social network is sort of like Twitter, in that a short comment can be appended to the posting of your energy production data.

Unfortunately, the system is too small to power a laptop computer: the Maroshi solar module is rated at just 4 watts. The folks at Changers say that they are “thinking about developing stronger devices that can charge laptops.” I personally would be very interested in such a device. For the meantime, this 4 watt system definitely qualifies as a “starter system”! For more information, please click on the image at the beginning of this post.

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