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The PowerSource 1800 and its “Many Faces”

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The PowerSource 1800 is an 1800 watt uninterruptible power source with built-in overload and over-temperature protection. (These units can also be referred to as “uninterruptible power supply” or “UPS.”) Five 120 volt AC power outlets are included to provide a dependable stream of power (one on the front, and four on the back). It is preferable to keep the unit plugged in to an AC wall outlet full-time, so the unit’s internal batteries will be maintained at a full charge. Solar charging of the batteries is an added option.

This 1800 watt UPS serves as the “heart” of the Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator (ECO1800S), discussed in my last post, as well as the popular Solutions from SciencePowerSource 1800 Solar Backup Generator,” to be reviewed next month.

Although many versions of this UPS have been “rebranded” under various names, the original manufacturer of this equipment is Xantrex (of Burnaby, BC, Canada). Although the products are still manufactured under the “Xantrex” name, note that Xantrex Technology, Inc. was acquired by Schneider Electric, a global corporation, in October, 2008.

Shown below is an Xantrex 852-1802 XPower 1800 Power Source, which can be ordered from Amazon.com. Also shown is another version of the PowerSource 1800 which is available under the Duracell brand, incorporating Duracell batteries, no doubt! As of the date of this post, the 852-1807 Duracell PowerSource 1800 is being offered for the better price, at Amazon. (Note: The links below will automatically update to current prices.)

The following two versions of the PowerSource 1800 are generally offered with complete systems featuring solar charging capability.

In January, 2011 the Universal Power Group (UPG) out of Carrollton, Texas launched their Ecotricity product line, which included the Ecotricity ECO1800S. This is the unit that was featured in my last post, Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator ECO1800S from EARTHTECH PRODUCTS:

Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator ECO1800S
Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator ECO1800S – Portable Solar Generator $1595.00

The second version of the PowerSource 1800 with the “SOLAR” designation, is the UPS that comes with the solar backup generator offered from Solutions from Science: the PowerSource | 1800 SOLAR. The Product Development Engineer from Solutions from Science, David Fink, describes their choice in utilizing this unit as follows:

We decided to use the Xantrex product as a base for our system because it already contained a reliable inverter/battery pack in a well designed housing. Plus, the Xantrex UPS already contained a well designed set of internal protection circuitry like overload sensing circuits, under-voltage protection for the batteries and a user friendly digital LED display that indicates battery charge condition and all necessary operational error/fault codes. Why would we reinvent the wheel when we can buy one and add improvements to it? (ref. Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Forum)

The Solutions from Science units are retrofitted with a Morningstar Sunsaver 6, a 6 amp, 12 volt charge controller, and a receptacle for the cord from the solar panel.

We’ll be reviewing the Solutions from Science version of the PowerSource 1800 Solar Backup Generator at My Solar Backup Depot in the near future. Please stay tuned!

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3 Responses to “The PowerSource 1800 and its “Many Faces””

  1. Grant - admin Says:

    I just learned about another “face” of the PowerSource 1800: In Canada, its sold at Canadian Tire under the brand name, “NOMA.”

  2. Ian rogers Says:

    Is there a difference between the deracell and xantrex powersource?

    Does the single solar panel really provide enough recharging power?

  3. Grant - admin Says:

    Thanks for your questions Ian! My response was getting too wordy, so I decided to address both questions in my March 28th blog post, PowerSource 1800: XPower vs Duracell, and How About that Solar Panel? I hope you find that post helpful.