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Power Luggage! Wagan Tech’s Solar e Power Cube 1500

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Solar e Power Cube 1500 – Portable Solar Generator – 1500 Watts – Model# 2546

from: Earthtech Products

Introduced just this year from Wagan Tech, the 84 lb. Solar e Power Cube 1500 looks like the “big brother” of the Solar e Power Case 450, which was featured in my April 8th post, A “Solar Suitcase” from Earthtech Products. While the suitcase handle and shoulder strap of the “Power Case” allowed for hand carrying, the heavier “Power Cube” utilizes pair of wheels and a collapsible pull handle, similar to wheeled luggage. As with the Solar e Power Case 450, the Solar e Power Cube 1500 can be purchased at Earthtech Products… and both are currently available at a special summer sale prices! Check out the following features:

  • Designed for Portability – collapsible handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Powerful Solar Panels – includes 5 fold-out/slide-out 16 Watt monocrystalline solar panels
  • Superior Battery – stores energy safely in a 55Ah hybrid AGM-gel battery
  • Digital voltmeter for checking battery status
  • Multiple Charging Capabilities – recharge via solar panels, AC outlet or DC connection
  • DC Compatibility – 2 universal AC outlets and DC recharging adapter (fused)
  • AC Compatibility – 2 DC outlets with auto-reset, circuit breaker and AC recharging adapter
  • USB Compatibility – 2 USB Power Ports: charge cell phones, MP3 players, tablets & laptops
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The following You Tube video from Wagan Corporation introduces the new Solar e Power Cube 1500:

Like the smaller unit, the Solar e Power Cube 1500 is scalable. The standard battery capacity of 55 amps can be doubled by connecting a second battery. The built-in solar panels supply 80 watts through a 10 amp solar controller, but an additional solar panel (not included) can be connected to shorten solar charging times. It is important, however, not to exeed 150 watts: that is the limit of the solar controller.

Also like the smaller Solar e Power Case, there are 3 ways to charge the Solar e Power Cube. First, you have the directly wired solar panels. A second option would be to plug the unit into AC power, when available. Or thirdly, the included DC to DC socket cable could be used to tap into power from your car or boat, when you’re on the go. This flexibility will help ensure that you have a fully charged unit when you need it.

As I mentioned above, the “Summer Sale” is on at Earthtech Products. Act now, and you will save 18% on the regular price: just click on the link below:

Solar e Power Cube 1500 – Portable Solar Generator – 1500 Watts – Model# 2546 – $1,142.00
from: Earthtech Products

Unfold and Slide Out Solar Panels

Solar Panel Configuration – Solar e Power Cube 1500

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