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New Feature: Product Reviews at My Solar Backup Depot

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In the weeks to come, My Solar Backup Depot will begin reviewing various solar backup systems and optional accessories currently available in the marketplace. Initially, solar backup systems from Earthtech Products and Solutions from Science (mysolarbackup.com) will be featured. Later on, additional products from Amazon Green will also be included. Pricing information and links to the vendors will be published, but when shopping, always remember to confirm pricing on the vendors’ sites, in case prices have changed. Particularly when viewing older (or archived) posts, prices tend to increase as time marches by; conversely, perhaps you’ll get lucky and snag a sale price which has come into effect since the post was written.  

I want to emphasize that the opinions offered here are my own, honestly given and based on the best information I have at the time of posting. From reading various forums on the subject of solar electric systems, I find that buyers are frequently disappointed when their system does not meet expectations. In my view, much of the disappointment stems from the combination of over-selling on the part of sales people, and poorly informed consumers. My intention with this blog is to alleviate at least half the problem by:  

  1. providing my readers a better understanding of solar system basics, and
  2. providing a shopping guide to help consumers differentiate one solar generator
    from another.

Note also that we make it our business to find the best deals for our readers: product links found in posts at My Solar Backup Depot are intentionally timed to take advantage of product promotions and sale prices, whenever possible. My hope is that regular readers of this blog will be able to make sound decisions when choosing a solar backup system, and benefit from the best possible pricing. And, of course, the ultimate goal is that every purchase meets or exceeds customer expectations, so future upgrades are driven by enthusiasm, and not just out of bleak necessity!

At My Solar Backup Depot, “blogosphere transparency” is promoted and encouraged. To that end, a current list of our market affiliations will always be maintained on our newly added “Disclosure Statement” page. To date, just the three companies mentioned above have made our list, but the plan is to review the broadest possible range of companies and products. Links to all listed companies’ websites will be available, along with links to any recommended products reviewed on this site.  

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