Oct 30

My Two Cents (or More?) for Hurricane Sandy Victims

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As Hurricane Sandy bore down on the east coast of the USA, I could not help but think back to advice and solutions I’ve given out on this blog during the past year. (Yes, My Solar Backup Depot is nearly one year old!) The above You Tube video from ABC News reminded me just how challenging it can be to keep our electric grid up and running, and how dangerous a storm-related power failure can be. Coming from the Department of Energy (DOE), east coast electric companies have reported that outages from Hurricane Sandy affected more than 8.2 million homes and businesses.

As I enjoyed our sunny west coast weather, I heard radio reports about the widespread power outages out east. I heard people voicing their concerns about the availability of gasoline (since gas pumps won’t work without electricity). I thought about all those unprepared folks dealing with the cold and darkness.

I wondered how many accidents, and deaths, would be attributed to the storm. I hoped that nobody would foolishly think that they could safely run a gasoline-powered generator indoors. I prayed that no one would be hurt trying to set up a makeshift source of electricity in the wet, stormy weather. (Wet generators and extension cords are dangerous!)

I also thought about some the products that have been reviewed here on this blog, and how they might help in a situation like this. No doubt, at times like these it would be great to own an Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator or any of the portable solar generators from Solutions from Science
(Yes, these are affiliate links, but please read my next paragraph where I explain my intentions!)

ANNOUNCEMENT: In order to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, I will be donating 100% of the sales commissions from this blog to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund from today, October 30th, through one week from Saturday (so that will be Sat., Nov. 10th). So please use this opportunity to peruse this blog, read some of the “Featured Posts” (see right-hand side bar) and perhaps find a product to purchase. As a side benefit, you might even pick-up a few emergency preparedness tips along the way! So it’s all good.

Or if you prefer, to give financial assistance directly to the Red Cross, please click here to donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

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