Nov 17

My Solar Backup Solution

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Imagine the following scenario and maybe you’ll want my solar backup solution, too! You’re enjoying a relaxing evening at home with your family, watching a movie on TV. The chores are mostly out of the way, but the laundry is still back there churning away, half-way finished. Dinner’s over, and the hum of the dishwasher is audible from the kitchen. The popcorn is half-finished popping.

Then it happens: zap… poof! It’s dark, and there is a disheartening silence. Now you probably won’t see the end of that movie, you have half unfinished laundry, and likewise for the dishes. The popcorn is mostly kernels. Now what?
You start rummaging around for a flashlight. You finally find it, but the batteries are dead. So now you start searching for batteries in the dark. Maybe candles will work, but who knows where the matches are?
Now you’re at the mercy of the power grid. And those who maintain it. And the weather, or perhaps a natural disaster. In fact, many man-made causes, ranging from a simple case of human error to full-blown civil unrest, can all adversely affect that stream of power you count on.
But there is a solution! You could be secure in the knowledge that you have backup power in place. Ready to go, at a moments notice. The following is a general description of a typical solar backup system.
At the heart of the backup system is a deep-cycle battery. It will be connected to a power inverter, which changes the direct current from the battery to the 120 volt alternating current you’ll need for household appliances.

Battery charging capability is also included. For an “on-grid” home, the battery will be automatically maintained at full charge, connected to household current. Of course, in the event of a power failure, the battery becomes the power source for your essential appliances, computers and other electronics.

So where does the “solar” part come in? Well, the fact is that electrical storage batteries are heavy, and expensive. Sure, it would be nice to own a huge bank of batteries, fully charged of course! But in the case of an extended power outage, all that stored power will eventually get used up.  As such, it becomes necessary to find another source of energy to recharge the batteries. So where does that energy come from? Well, the sun, of course! A solar panel is a “photovoltaic” component that converts sunlight into electricity. And it is this capability that makes my solar backup, a solar powered generator, possible.

Please stay tuned. In the next post I will present a excellent starter solar system, one that can power critical needs for the duration of a “typical” blackout. As we investigate more of my solar backup solutions, I hope that will become your solar depot of choice!


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