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Leap Year Deals at Peak Solar

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Today, this 29th of February, I wanted to present an impressive “leap year deal” to my readers. My interest was piqued when I ran across this promotion from Peak Solar, based out of Hillsboro Beach, Florida:

It’s a leap year… together let’s make it the best year ever. Take advantage of the extra day this month and receive a Free 100 Visa Gift Card on order of 10 thousand and above…

Investigating further, I found this You Tube video on Facebook, introducing the company:

Note that the systems offered here by Peak Solar do NOT include battery backup capabilities; also note that the systems offered here are higher wattage grid-tie systems, compared to the backup systems we normally discuss here at My Solar Backup Depot. (For further discusion of the pros and cons of battery backup, please refer back to my January 12th post: To Backup, or not to Backup: That is the Question…)

The following system is 4.6 kilowatts, priced at $10,444.48 (that’s just $2.27 per watt):

Complete 4.6KW Grid-Tie System with Enphase M215 for only $10,444.48!

Offered here is a complete “turnkey” system, designed for residential or commercial use. According to Peak Solar‘s website, the system usually ships in 3 to 4 business days. Note that installation of the system is not included in the price. (You will still require the services of a qualified electrician!)

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