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Install Your Plug and Play Solar System? Easy Peasy!

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Our primary mission here at My Solar Backup Depot is to show our readers some of the easiest ways to get started with solar power generation and power backup systems. In this post, we will feature one of the simplest solar solutions on the market today: introducing the DeckPower and LawnPower product lines from SpinRay Energy! The DeckPower system has panel mounting brackets which allow the solar panels to simply be hung from a deck railing; likewise, the LawnPower system has mounting brackets so that the solar panels can be set up in your yard. What makes these systems really unique, however, is that the connection to your home is made by simply plugging the panels into standard electrical outlets. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with solar for your home, you will quickly see the advantages of the DeckPower system by watching the following two videos (total viewing time for the videos is just 5 minutes.).

First, a brief walk-through:

Here you will see the “guts” of the system (micro-inverters and wiring) and brief demonstration of the system in use:

These systems are scalable, since each panel has its own micro-inverter. This allows you to start with a single panel and build your system one panel at a time, up to a maximum of 5 panels. These are 240 watt multi-crystalline panels with 220 watt micro-inverters, so the maximum output for a five-panel system will be 1100 watts.

To use these systems with backup batteries (as highly recommended by My Solar Backup Depot), it is a simple matter of connecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) between the DeckPower or LawnPower system and the home’s outdoor electrical receptacle. Recommended UPS units include the PowerPack 1500, the PowerSource 1800 or the PowerHub 1800 (see links below):

Cables and connectors for UPS units are available through SpinRay Energy in their Solar Panel Battery Attachment Kit.

Before installing these systems, be certain to refer to the Safety and Installation page on SpinRay Energy‘s website, which specifies the electrical requirements for your home’s circuitry, to ensure a safe installation. These requirements include the following, to comply with National Electric Code (NEC):

  • an AFCI receptacle/breaker should be used with a continuous use cover
  • the 120 or 240 Volt receptacle should be attached to the main panel with a dedicated line via a 15 Amp fuse or breaker
  • the 120 or 240 Volt receptacle should be attached to the main panel with a dedicated line via a 15 Amp fuse or breaker
  • the inverter and solar panel should be properly grounded

When in doubt, consult with a professional electrician or contact SpinRay Energy for more information. As with any generating system which is to be tied to the electric grid, these solar modules are designed to cut power to the grid the instant utility power goes out or becomes unstable. So these units must be properly installed, not just to keep your home safe, but also for the safety of utility line workers. Note that this same functionality stops the male plug end from being “live” once unplugged from the outlet. It should also be noted here that the safety of these “plug and play” devices has been a subject of debate on various industry forums.

For more information and reviews on regarding the DeckPower and LawnPower systems, simply click the text links below or the Amazon links at the beginning of this post.

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