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Ecotricity 1800W Solar Generator Review (Buy It on Amazon!)

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UPG 87530 Ecotricity Portable Emergency Backup Power Solar Generator, Plug and Play

Today, I am planning to review the Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator. We have actually promoted this particular item previously, however I would like to mention the point that this particular electrical generator can be bought right from Amazon online. Like I have observed before, some vendors feature comparable gear; however, the unit examined here in this article depicts the sort of unit I imagined at the time I authored my post in the fall of 2011, 1800 Watts… and I’ll Take My Solar Backup System to Go! The Ecotricity ECO1800S includes the following features:

  • (1) 80 watt photo voltaic panel
  • (1) Xantrex PowerSource 1800 inverter
  • (3) 18Ah enclosed SLA batteries
  • (1) battery status readout
  • (5) 120 volt electrical outlets
  • (1) 12 volt DC port
  • (1) 50 ft cord to go to photo voltaic panel

The solar power generator is “plug-and-play” to simplify setup and operation by the end-user (no electrical contractor needed!). The 80 watt panel is mounted on wheels for ease of portability and placement. A 50 ft cord is furnished to hook up the photo voltaic panel to the PowerSource 1800 inverter. The panel also folds, making it very easy to pack in your automobile or pickup.

The unit is transportable enough to be a feasible supply of electricity for use on a camping expedition: the equipment weighs approximately 105 lb. The measurements of the PowerSource 1800 are 19″ high, 28″ deep and 10″ wide.

The enclosed electric batteries are rated for 54 amp-hours, and may be recharged in 12-15 hrs when hooked up to your household electricity. Solar charging requires approximately the same charge time, but bear in mind that only full sun hours can be counted. Therefore, the amount of time necessary to completely charge the electric batteries may be extended over a couple of days.

During storm conditions, the system can furnish electricity for high-priority requirements; similarly, at the time of a wide-spread electrical failure. The system could deliver electricity for basics including lights, sump pumps and garage door openers, or possibly a fridge, radio and mobile telephone charger could be powered, avoiding a lot of the aggravation posed by the common electrical outage. A completely charged system could produce sufficient electric power during an emergency situation to power a T.V., clock radio, cordless telephone and light (for up to 4 hrs). As an alternative, a few small business office demands may be powered, including a notebook computer, printer, wireless modem and cordless telephone (for up to 10 hrs). The maximum continuous load spec is 1440W (1800W peak), all provided free of the noise and fumes connected with gas powered electrical generators!

To go to Amazon’s webpage for the Ecotricity 1800W Solar Power Generator, just click on the image link below:

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