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Daylight Saving Solar Savings at EARTHTECH PRODUCTS

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A solar savings alert from My Solar Backup Depot

To celebrate longer days and more sun, Earthtech Products is offering 10% off on 10 solar charging systems and kits, shown below. To claim your 10% savings on featured products, simply enter the Coupon/Promotional Code DS2012 in your “Shopping Cart” prior to checkout, in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. (Don’t forget to click “Apply” to see the calculation of your savings.) Don’t delay, the promotion ends March 13th! For prices and more information, please click on the links or images below.

Dual USB Portable Solar Charging Kit – Foldable Solar Panel with Power Bank 5.0 – iPad and Tablet Compatible

The Dual USB Portable Solar Charging Kit combines efficient Solar Power technology with a very handy USB Charger. Bring all your gadgets and keep them energized throughout your outdoor adventures.

Power Bank 5.0 – Dual USB Portable Charging Device – iPad and Tablet Compatible

Double your iPad’s battery life with this dual USB portable solar charger. The Power Bank 5.0 is a portable but very powerful 5000mAmp Lithium-Polymer Battery. Bring all your gadgets and keep them energized throughout your outdoor adventures.

Solar Home and RV Kit – 40 Watt Solar Panel Version

Get environmentally friendly, affordable power for RVs, Homes, Cottages, boats and more! This Solar Home and RV Kit delivers up to 1800 watts of power. This do-it-yourself compact solar system doesn’t need professional installation and is sure to give you reliable energy for all your journeys ahead!

30 Watt Solar Battery Charger – Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Get rid of all those noisy and expensive gas generators. This solar powered alternative is great for use on all your outdoor trips and adventures. Perfect for use on RVs, boats, and all 12V applications, this 30 Watt Solar Battery Charger will charge-up and power all the appliances you need to make your trip an enjoyable solar powered retreat!

18 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 8 Amp Charge Controller

Similar to the system above, the economical 18 Watt Solar Battery Charger will charge up and power all the appliances you need to make your trip an enjoyable solar powered retreat. Works well for RVs, boats, and 12V applications.

Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit – 27 W Solar Panel, Sherpa 120 Battery, AC Inverter

Sherpa 120 Explorer Solar Kit: Perfect for powering and recharging portable electronic devices including: netbooks, laptops, cell phones, iPods, FRS radios, GO Pro cameras, handheld GPS units, GMRS radios, Findme 911, and satellite phones.

Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger – Now for iPad

The Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger is the ultimate portable solar charger! The power monkey extreme has all the durability and portability of the original Power Monkey, except it is even more powerful. This durable solar charger is rugged, made to withstand the rigors of all your expeditions: it is even waterproof! It is powerful enough to charge even an Ipad (iPad compatible cable included) or tablet computer. The power monkey extreme is truly the most versatile solar cellphone charger available today. It is a multifaceted solar charger that can charge a whole slew of electronic devices like: cameras, gps devices, mini and tablet computers, Apple iPads, cell phones, smart phones, portable gaming devices, iPods and more! This eco-friendly portable solar charger utilizes advanced solar technology to charge even in low-light or cloudy conditions ensuring you will never be without much needed power, where ever your journeys take you.

SoliCharger-SP – Portable Solar Charger with Speakers

Get virtually unlimited power for your iPhone or plug in your iPod for an amazing amplified sound from such a small package. The SoliCharger-SP is the perfect multimedia buddy for keeping all your power hungry gadgets charged and ready to go. Works with virtually any phone or player.

Voltaic Amp Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices

The Amp Portable Solar Charger by Voltaic Systems is a small but very powerful solar phone charger that not only charges most popular cell phones like iPhones, Blackberrys, HTC, Motorola and many more but also charges other devices such as digital cameras, portable gaming devices and Portable GPS units. With room enough for the Voltaic battery, adapter cable and a small phone or camera, the Amp makes it quick and easy to carry and charge your devices on the go!

Goal0 Ranger Base Camp Solar Kit – Starter

When your mission is to maintain power for longer periods of time in the world’s most extreme conditions, the Ranger 350 rechargeable power pack delivers exactly what you need to succeed. Capable of powering a facility up to 1,200 square feet, it’s designed for base camps and long-stay environments.

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