Nov 11

All the Best This Veterans Day… and Thank You!

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I just wanted to express a my gratitude to all our military personnel this Veterans Day. On a personal note, my family was so happy to welcome our son back from Afghanistan! (This was his first overseas tour with the US Army.) I would also like to wish every one of our readers all the best from us at My Solar Backup Depot.

As promised in my Hurricane Sandy post last time, I just sent in a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. (The donation came to a whopping $22.06, all from sales commissions). Once again, I’d like to encourage everyone to donate to the Red Cross. I’ll provide that link once again: Please click here for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

This coming Saturday will mark the first anniversary of My Solar Backup Depot. On November 17th, 2011, I published my first blog post: My Solar Backup Solution. Back then (prior to 2012), we didn’t even have any product offerings on this blog! Looking forward, I hope my readers will continue to find useful information on this blog, mixed in with occasional product reviews and promotions. During most of the past year, we have enjoyed generous search engine rankings from Google, Bing and Yahoo! Lately, though, our search engine visibility is not what it once was, so we will be attempting to remedy that situation in the near future. There’s little point in writing what nobody will be able find and read! With that said, if you like what you see here, please bookmark our site or perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed. We may also add buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. to generate “social signals” for our site. I certainly hope My Solar Backup Depot will see its second anniversary!

As always, try to stay warm and safe until next time!

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