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A “Solar Suitcase” from Earthtech Products

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Solar e Power Case 450 – Portable Solar Generator – 450 Watts – Model# 2548

from: Earthtech Products

Earthtech Products is currently promoting the above “solar suitcase.” Introducing the Solar e Power Case 450, a product of Wagan Corporation, headquartered in Hayward, California. Weighing just 39.6 lb, this unit can provide a ready source of 450 watts (800 peak) when you’re “on the go.” The metal case has a very rugged look, typical of products designed for industrial field use or camping. Wheels, a sturdy handle and a shoulder strap all make for a truly portable unit. Check out these features:

  • Designed for Portability – metal suitcase houses all components you need
  • Powerful Solar Panels – designed with a detachable monocrystalline solar panel
  • 450W Inverter – ample power to supply cell phones, MP3 players, e-readers, tablets & laptops
  • Superior Battery – stores energy safely in a 26Ah hybrid AGM-gel battery
  • Multiple Charging Capabilities – recharge via solar panels, AC outlet or 12 volt DC connection
  • DC Compatibility – has 2 DC outlets with auto-reset, circuit breaker
  • AC Compatibility – has 2 universal 110 volt AC outlets
  • LED Display – shows you status of the battery charge
  • USB Compatibility – 2 USB Power Ports standard
  • Case dimensions are 34.8cm × 48.8cm × 16.5cm (or in inches, 13.7″ x 19.2″ x 6.5″)
  • Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The following You Tube video gives a nice presentation of the product:

In viewing the video, I appreciated the versatility of the product: several power input and output options are discussed and demonstrated. I also thought, however, that some may find the collection of input cords, output cords and charging adapters confusing, perhaps not-so-handily stored behind the detachable solar panels. Charging can be accomplished with the unfolded solar panels either attached or detached from the case. (Of course, for faster charging of the batteries, the panels should be placed directly facing the sun.) The supplied monocrystalline solar panels can supply 40 watts, but this capacity can be expanded to a maximum of 75 watts.

Standard battery capacity is 26 amp-hours, but this capacity is also expandable: a second 26 amp-hour AGM battery can be connected to the DC connectors, thereby doubling battery capacity. It is recommended that you use the same type of battery, so you don’t have a problem with uneven charging and discharging of your batteries.

Below, some tips from the supplier illustrate the flexibility of the Solar e Power Case 450 when it comes to charging the battery:

Another one of the great features of the solar case is the versatility in charging methods. You can charge by DC to DC. Plug this to your vehicle cigarette lighter or boat and charge while you’re on the road on those long trips to wherever you’re going. And have a fully charged case when you get there. You can charge by AC and this is not just an AC power supply. This is a battery charger with two stages, a bulk charge and a float charge so you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in for too long. And solar charging using the built-in solar panels.

I see this product well-suited for the travelling professional working in the field, or equally so for a recreational camper looking to power various electronic devices. But don’t attempt to power your coffee maker, clothes iron, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, or any other higher wattage appliance! These appliances, of course, are rated well beyond the capacity of this 450 watt unit. When in doubt, check the “nameplate” wattage on the bottom or back of the appliance or electronic device.

For a limited time, Earthtech Products is offering a promotional discount of 5% (that’s $34.45 in savings on top of their already competitive price of $689 at the time of this writing). Just enter the Coupon/Promotional Code EP450 in your “Shopping Cart” prior to checkout, in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Don’t forget to click “Apply” to see the calculation of your savings. For current prices or more information, please click on the link or image below.

Solar e Power Case 450 – Portable Solar Generator – 450 Watts – Model# 2548
from: Earthtech ProductsSolar e Power Case 450  - Portable Solar Generator - 450 Watts - Model# 2548


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2 Responses to “A “Solar Suitcase” from Earthtech Products”

  1. Ken Shepard Says:

    Is the Solar e Power Case 450 available for use in Europe? I’m looking for an output power with the following specifications, 230VAC @ 50 Hz. Also the battery power rating of 26 Ah is kinda low, do you have any thing larger say 500 watt to 1000 watt?
    Thanks Ken

  2. Grant - admin Says:

    The manufacturer of the Solar e Power Case 450 (Model 2548), Wagan Corporation, markets their products in the U.S. and internationally, but, unfortunately, not in Europe. It appears that their products are generally offered in countries where 120VAC @ 60 Hz is standard. Regarding larger units, Wagan Corporation does offer the 1500 watt Solar e Power Cube 1500 (Model# 2546). Note that both units can be special ordered with 220VAC outlets (60 Hz). If interested, you will find a presentation of the Solar e Power Cube 1500 in my next blog post. For more information right now, the following link will take you the 1500 watt unit on Earthtech Products website:
    Solar e Power Cube 1500 – Portable Solar Generator – 1500 Watts – Model# 2546
    For more options, you may want to check out the “Go Green with Amazon” banner link in the right hand sidebar. (You may also want to check out a “country specific” version of Amazon.com for the country you live in.)